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HVAC Service Ticket Template

Apr. 26, 2023

HVAC Service Ticket Template

An HVAC service ticket is a document used to record the service call information and the work performed. It outlines the job, the materials used, and the cost of the job. The template includes the following components:


1) Customer Information: Name, address, contact information, type of service requested.


2) Date and Time: Date and time of the service call.


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3) Equipment Information: Make and model of the HVAC equipment, serial number, and any additional information related to the job.


4) Problem Description: A detailed description of the problem that the customer is experiencing with their HVAC system.


5) Job Details: A description of the work performed, materials used, and cost of the job.


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6) Signatures: Customer’s signature, technician’s signature, and date of the service call.


7) Payment Details: Payment type and amount.


An HVAC service ticket is an important document used to ensure that customers receive the best service possible and that the technician completes the job correctly. An HVAC service ticket should be completed for each service call and kept on file for future reference. This document helps to ensure that customers are satisfied with the service they receive and allows the technician to keep track of their work.