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ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Services: Field Efficiency


Services: Back-Office Efficiency


  • Real-time communication between field and back-office
  • Reduce messy workflows
  • Create consistent results using gated workflows
  • Enhance visibility and management of inventory

  • Real-time communication between field and back-office
  • Reduce processing time and human errors
  • Universal Search to locate information (reduce time to book a job)
  • Eliminate data silos with cloud access to single source of truth
  • Eliminate tedious and redundant tasks

Services: Revenue Pull Through


Services: Trip Efficiency


  • Increase and simplify pull through work process
  • Identifying more sales opportunities
  • Easier renegotiation and rework through the use of a centralized platform
  • Faster quoting process
  • Increase in conversion rates

  • Reduce call backs through gated workflows
  • Prevent multiple visits to the client site
  • Eliminate re-scheduling and additional back-office work

Services: Training and On-Job Efficiency


Services: Other

  • Enable self directed training through knowledge center
  • Enhance trouble shooting of equipment through video and notes library
  • Reduce ramp time per technician
  • Lower attrition and increase employee satisfaction

  • Prevent unsafe work practices & lawsuites through guarantee safety checklists
  • Increase management visibility through reporting & data analytics tools
  • Faster response to business needs through real time tracking
#Field EfficiencyYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1# of Jobsinput_servicesAvgJobsYr-
2# of Techniciansinput_servicesNumTech-
3# of Work orders/tech/yearinput_NumberOfWordOrdersPerTechPerYear-
4# of Work orders/tech/yearinput_NumberOfWorkMinutesPerYear-
5# of Work Minutes/Work Orderinput_NumberOfWorkMinutesPerOrder-
6Time Saved/Work Order (Minutes)input_TimeSavedPerWorkOrderInMinutes-
7Time Saved/All Work Orders (Minutes)input_TimeSavedPerAllWordOrdersInMinutes-
8Time Saved/All Work Orders (Hours)input_TimeSavedPerAllWorkOrdersInHours-
9Average Wages + Overhead/HC/HRinput_formatted_AverageWagesPlusOverhead_HC_HR-
10Total savings/Techinput_formatted_TotalSavingsPerTech-
HC Savingsinput_HC_Savigns----
#Back-Office EfficiencyYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1# of Jobsinput_servicesAvgJobsYr-
2# of Employees In Back Officeinput_NuberOfEmployeesInBackOffice-
3# of Work Orders / Tech / Year - BackOfficeinput_NumberofWorkOrdersPerTechPerYear_BackOffice-
4# of Work Minutes/Yearinput_NumberOfWorkMinutesPerYear-
5# of Work Minutes/Work Order - Back Officeinput_NumberOfWorkMinutesPerOrder_BackOffice-
6Time Saved/Work Order (Minutes) - Back Officeinput_TimeSavedPerWorkOrderInMinutes_BackOffice-
7Time Saved/All Work Orders (Minutes)input_TimeSavedPerAllWordOrdersInMinutes_BackOffice-
8Time Saved/All Work Orders (Hours)input_TimeSavedPerAllWorkOrdersInHours_BackOffice-
9Average Wages + Overhead/HC/HRinput_formatted_AverageWagesPlusOverhead_HC_HR_BackOffice-
10Total savings/Techinput_formated_TotalSavingsPerTech_BackOffice-
HC Savingsinput_HC_Savigns_BackOffice----
#Revenue Per JobYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1Avg Revenue Per Jobinput_AvgRevenuePerJob-
2Average Revenue Increase Per Job %input_AvgRevenueIncreasePerJobPercentage-
3Average Revenue Increase Per Job %input_formatted_AverageRevenueIncreasePerJobAmount-
4# of Jobsinput_servicesAvgJobsYr-
5Revenue Increase/All Jobsinput_formatted_RevenueIncreaseForAllJobs-
#Decrease Return TripsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1# of Jobsinput_servicesAvgJobsYr-
2Cost Per Tripinput_CostPerTrip-
3Average Call Back Rateinput_AverageCallBackRate-
4Call Back Reductioninput_CallBackReduction-
5Call Back Reduction $input_formatted_CallBackReduction$-
#Training and On-Job EfficiencyYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1# of Techniciansinput_servicesNumTech-
2# of Back Officeinput_NuberOfEmployeesInBackOffice-
3# of Other --
4Ending Licensesinput_EndingLicenses-
5Current Ramp (Months)input_CurrentRampMonths-
6New Ramp (Months)input_NewRampMonths-
7Ramp Savings (Months)input_RampSavingsMonths-
8Hours in Monthinput_HoursInMonth-
9Hourly Savingsinput_HourlySavings-
10Tech Hourly $input_formatted_TechHourly-
11Total Waste Reduction Per Techinput_formatted_TotalWasteReductionPerTech-
11Total Efficiency Per New Techinput_formatted_TotalEfficiencyPerNewTech-
#CostsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1Cost Per Licenseinput_CostPerLicense-
2Ending Licenses - Servicesinput_EndingLicenses-
3Ending Licenses - Projectsinput_EndingLicensesProjects-
4Software Costinput_formatted_SoftwareCost-
5Set-Up Costinput_SetUpCost-
6Up-front administration hoursinput_UpFrontAdministrationHours-
7Average Wages + Overhead/HC/HRinput_formatted_AverageWagesPlusOverhead_HC_HR_BackOffice-
8Up-front Administration Costinput_formatted_UpFrontAdminstrationCost-
9On-going administration hoursinput_OnGoingAdministrationHours-
10Average Wages + Overhead/HC/HRinput_formatted_AverageWagesPlusOverhead_HC_HR_BackOffice-
11On-going Administration Costinput_formatted_OnGoingAdminstrationCost-
#SummaryYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
1Field Efficiency (Services)input_formatted_TotalSavingsPerTech-
1Back Office Savings (Services)input_formated_TotalSavingsPerTech_BackOffice-
1Revenue Increase (Services)input_formatted_RevenueIncreaseForAllJobs-
1Decrease Return Trips (Services)input_formatted_CallBackReduction$-