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Download the Software Scoresheet

The cost of implementing the wrong platform is a hard pill to swallow.

In our own pursuit to build the best operational platform for commercial contractors, we dug deep to find all the little things you might forget to consider when looking for the perfect system. And we turned it into a complete, easy-to-use, 4-page scoresheet to help you be a better judge.

software scoresheet - key features to focus on

How to use it:

This scoresheet is designed to guide your search for the technology that will help you reach your goals and avoid tech burnout.

If it’s powerful, cost-effective, operational software you’re looking for:

  • Request a live demonstration of every platform on your list
  • Use the scoresheet to guide your questions (plus the last sheet for others that come up)
  • Have leaders from each department participate and fill out their own sheet
  • Compare scores. Discuss. Get moving
software scoresheet - critical functionality

Know exactly what to look for.

There’s nothing worse than implementing a whole new system only to find it doesn’t actually do everything you need it to.

Not only does this software scoresheet outline the needs and nice-to-haves—it also offers definitions of what good, better, and best versions of those features look like.

Finding the right fit just became a lot simpler.