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All-In-One Commercial Service Software

Service Software built for commercial HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical contractors

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Grow Sales, Organize the Office,
Empower your Techs, and Cut Expenses

Forget about spreadsheets. Lose the paper.

  • Scheduling & Dispatching
    Use our smart dispatch system to free up your office staff. Our system will recommend the best tech for the job.
  • OSHA Compliant Easy Safety Portal
    The only platform that seamlessly integrates safety into your day to day workflow. Protect your techs. Protect yourself.
  • Invoicing
    Bill & collect signatures on the spot or have off-site managers sign instantly with our email integration.
  • Accounting
    Seamlessly sync Quickbooks and others for real time accounting integration.
  • Payroll
    Automatically track hours of all your techs to ensure payroll is a breeze.
  • Service Agreements
    Boost repeat revenue by signing customized simple maintenance agreements with your favorite customers and never miss a monthly or quarterly service job again.
  • CRM
    Manage all your customers from one place and search for any info on anyone at the drop of a hat. Run analytics on your top customers and keep them top of mind for marketing campaigns.
  • Asset Tracking
    Monitor all equipment individually to figure out when to replace or repair any asset on any job.

Delight Customers and Maximize Efficiency

Technician Empowerment, Real-Time Updates, and Simplified Reporting

mark bucher service 1st

Mark Bucher

Service 1st, CEO

“Thrilled to use BuildOps. Been in business for 30 years, have around 100 techs, tried it all, and nothing has got me as excited as these guys. Changing the game for commercial service.”

joe kirsmer ceo of reedy industries

Joe Kirmser

Reedy Industries, CEO

“Our industry is sorely lacking when it comes to great software that runs the entire business. BuildOps is filling a massive need and can exponentially improve productivity in every department. Going paperless, reducing callbacks, and bringing in more jobs per tech are just a few of the things I’m excited about with BuildOps.”


Eric Schechter

Metrotech, CRO

“Our industry is in desperate need of a world-class software platform like BuildOps that helps contractors get the absolute highest efficiency from their field technicians and connects them seamlessly to the back office and customers – all under one roof. Ultimately, helping contractors like myself increase profits, cut costs, and meet customer requirements. BuildOps is revolutionizing the playing field for commercial contractors.”

Ric Fergugur Holmes Electric

Ric Fegurgur

Holmes Electric, Service Manager

“We have been waiting over 20 years for BuildOps to come along. Incredibly excited!”

steven gottfried founder of servicechannel

Steven Gottfried

ServiceChannel, Founder

“The BuildOps Team is bringing to market a new and different business platform that far exceeds any legacy applications out there. BuildOps enables contractors to grow their businesses in an increasingly competitive environment. I am inspired by BuildOps and fully support the platform.”