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BuildOps Careers

Welcome to the Future of Commercial Contracting

We’re changing the face of an industry as we know it, but it takes a strong team. Are you up for the challenge?

The idea for BuildOps was born out of the very real need felt by our founders from their own experience both in technology and in the field. Years later, we are transforming a historically underserved industry with a powerful, robust platform that’s purpose-built just for it.

Based in Los Angeles, California, our team actually stretches across all of North America — as do our customers. We’re a widespread, but tight-knit, team of go-getters. We are passionate, but humble. Unique, but fiercely collaborative. And at the end of the day, we truly love what we do.


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Nyima Piaro

“My favorite part about working at BuildOps? Camaraderie. This was the number one aspect of a company I sought out after graduating from college. I had always heard stories of employees at large Fortune 500 companies not knowing the name of people working in the cubicle next to them. I made it my deliberate intention to avoid that type of work culture, and I believe I hit the jackpot with BuildOps. I always feel welcomed, and it’s a great feeling to know that everyone around me is truly passionate about making an impact on the lives of people in this industry.”

Nyima Piaro, Engineering

Erika Eskenazi

“I joined BuildOps for three reasons: team, passion, and transparency. Frankly, I have never been part of a team like the one we have at BuildOps. Our company is made up of brilliant go-getters who stand out in their own right through their exceptional work, but also have such rich lives outside of “the office”, adding so much vibrancy, curiosity, and fun to our everyday interactions. Even as a virtual employee, what I find most magnetic and palpable about the environment at BuildOps is the intense passion our team has for improving the lives and businesses of our customers. Being able to show up to work every day with such a clear purpose, and one that I see us achieve with my own eyes every day, is incredibly refreshing and inspiring. Lastly, being part of a company that practices both business and interpersonal transparency is something I have always craved – and an area where BuildOps really excels. From our monthly all-hands to regular 1-on-1s, I love the direct communication style that permeates throughout the organization. I am proud to be a part of the BuildOps family.”

Erika Eskenazi, Implementation


  • LA office + WFH opportunities
  • Premium insurance coverage
  • Wellness perks
  • Competitive compensation
  • Flexible schedule + PTO policy
  • Professional development opportunities + events
  • Great people, great place to work

Our Core Values

Embrace innovation + growth.

Change is inevitable, so we adapt + grow in the right direction.

Customer-first, always.

From everyday support to advancing the platform around our customers’ needs.

Nobody is "too good" for anything.

And that’s the beauty of a startup. 

Win together, lose together, learn together.

Win or lose, we learn from it + get better. 

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