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Top 50 Largest Commercial Construction Companies In The USA With Employee Number Chart

Feb. 10, 2023


The top 50 commercial construction companies in the USA have a combined employee strength of more than 400,000 and have generated more than $125 billion in revenue.

The largest commercial construction company in the USA is Turner Construction, with 32,000 employees and $11 billion in revenue. This is followed by WhitingTurner Contracting Company and Skanska USA, with 11,500 and 10,000 employees, respectively, and $4.4 and $9.5 billion in revenue. The smallest companies on the list are Hoar Construction, with 800 employees and $500 million in revenue, and Adolfson & Peterson, with 1,000 employees and $600 million in revenue. The total number of employees for the top 50 companies is about evenly split between large companies, with more than 5,000 employees, and smaller companies, with fewer than 2,000 employees.

The total revenue generated by the top 50 companies is over $125 billion. The average revenue per company is $2.5 billion, while the median revenue is $1.2 billion. The average number of employees per company is 8,000, with a median of 2,000.


The top 50 commercial construction companies in the USA - Chart

The data was sourced from VentureOutsource.com’s “List of Top 50 Construction Companies in the USA” and from the companies’ respective websites.


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