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The best tech for the job. Every time.

Choosing the right tech or team for the job is easy with BuildOps Smart Dispatch board.

By considering availability and skillset, BuildOps will recommend the best available tech for the job.

Always on time with real-time tech location

Finished early or running late, real time locations provides the status of your entire team in a single view.

And BuildOps intelligent dispatching tools make it easy for your dispatcher to keep your team flexible and proactive all day long. With a simple point-and-click, jobs can be extended, shortened, or rescheduled altogether.

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Dispatch Software FAQ

What is dispatch software?

Dispatch software is used to manage your technicians across ongoing and upcoming jobs. More importantly, it enables you to adjust your workforce on-the-fly as jobs are completed early or run long.

Over the past few years, many companies have integrated dispatch boards into larger field service software package – like BuildOps. This enables field service companies to make better, more profitable decisions.

How does a dispatch board make running my business easier?

In short, a quality dispatch board will give your quickly provide your dispatchers with the information they need and only when they need it.

BuildOps dispatch board highlights critical information like schedule conflicts, jobs running late, unassigned jobs, and more. As a result, your dispatch team can focus on the highest priority issues.

Does dispatch software allow my dispatcher to communicate with technicians?

Yes. Good dispatch software streamlines the communication between office and technicians. Also, technicians will immediately have access to work order and customer details on their mobile device as jobs are assigned to them.

In addition, technicians can update their status (working, on a break, completed, etc.) so dispatchers have visibility into the entire team’s availability.


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