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Elevate Sales Performance
with CRM+

CRM, reporting, mobile surveying, estimating, proposal generation, and more.

Designed exclusively for the mechanical service business, we set out to create a streamlined process to include all phases of the sales cycle, and reduce administrative time and sales time frames!

Deliver Sharper Insights With Intuitive Sales Reporting Tools

Discover a new era of sales reporting with CRM+. Our innovative platform reimagines the way you look at your pipeline, focusing on sales plans versus actual performance metrics.

Empower your sales team with our comprehensive reports:

  • Sales and Quote & Activity Plans
  • Unique Sales Funnel Insights
  • Maintenance Base Reporting
  • Manpower Planning Reports

This dynamic approach provides a continuous evaluation against annual objectives—delivering sharper insights that maximize sales performance and help achieve your company’s sales goals.

Close Deals Even Faster With Our Effortless Proposal Creation

Streamline your path to higher revenue and faster deal closure with CRM+’s Proposal Creation tool.

Craft proposals quickly with ease:

  • Standardized Terms and Conditions
  • Customizable Scope of Work
  • Seamless Integration with Multiple Platforms

Stay ahead of the competition by harmonizing lead qualification with proposal presentation. Benefit from reduced sales cycles, amplified revenue streams, and elevated client satisfaction, all effortlessly orchestrated by CRM+.

Simplify the Approval Process With Our Advanced Estimating Tool

This tool isn’t just about precise estimating; it’s about slashing deal-closing times. By simplifying the approval process, CRM+ accelerates revenue growth, ensuring you’re steps ahead in securing deals and maximizing profits.

Uncover the transformative potential of our estimating tool:

  • Standardized Pricing
  • Real-time Adjustments
  • Integration with Survey Tools
  • Simplified Approval Process

Efficiently manage pricing, customize estimates, and maintain control over margins with CRM+’s versatile estimating tool.


Address the Unique Challenges of the Service Industry With CRM+

  • Track individual sales performances in real-time, whether for a single sales rep or a large team. CRM+ monitors KPIs and sales pipelines to ensure everyone’s on track for success.
  • Uncover qualified opportunities within your sales pipeline, directing sales management intervention. Identify strengths in each sales rep for targeted training and coaching.
  • Conduct effective Performance and Review (PAR) meetings with CRM+’s concise one-page sales performance report. Drive strategic discussions and empower sales reps for improved success.

Dramatically Reduce Costs and Improve Accuracy With Precision Surveying Capability

Experience surveys like never before:

Our surveying tool facilitates change management and automatically creates equipment lists for service dispatch.  

  • Combine Multiple Surveys
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Detail
  • Export Surveys as Equipment Lists
  • Integrate Perfectly With Our Estimating Tool

All mobile, offline access for use in the field!

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