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Service Agreements Recurring Maintenance view
Service Agreements - Maintenance Tasking

Define the work, then get to it.

With BuildOps maintenance tasking, you’re well prepared to tackle every job on the books. Predefine the parts, so you can order them in advance. Pre-load the workflow, so techs know exactly what needs done when they arrive.

Once you and the customer agree on the rates, their custom pricing will automatically apply throughout the life of that relationship. No more riffling through the records every time you need to price something, even when it’s for pull-through work.

Service Agreements Lightning Speed Scheduling _ Manual vs. Bulk Visit Creation

Lightning-speed scheduling means no job left behind.

At a glance, you can see when all visits are due and ensure they’re scheduled to be done on time. Filter the view to see all visits needed for the month, and bulk schedule them all with one click.

You can even schedule according to location. Filter your visits by zip code, so you can send one guy to tackle them all, one after another.

Service Agreements - Job Report Data Summary

Know what’s making money vs. tanking margins.

Understand the key metrics that keep you in business:

  • Dollars spent on maintenance for a customer vs. how much was planned
  • Complete work history, time spent, costs involved — down to the asset level
  • Total profitability per customer, combining maintenance visits + pull-through work

Service Agreement Software FAQ

What are the benefits of leveraging service agreements?

There are so many benefits, we wrote a whole blog post about the value of maintenance contracts (AKA service agreements).

To sum it up though, they are the “lifeblood” of a service contractor — creating predictable cashflow, generating opportunities for additional pull-through work, and making planning for parts and labor much more efficient.

They have their challenges, mainly around the difficulty of keeping them all organized and on schedule, but that’s exactly where BuildOps comes in.

How do you invoice for service agreements?

Invoicing for service agreements is just as easy (for both contractor and customer) as invoicing for one-off visits. Plus, you have some options to make it even simpler to handle them in large amounts.

You can choose to automate sending out invoices for an agreement at regular intervals if you want. Or you can mass-generate invoices for all your payments that are due at once. Don’t forget, everything also integrates seamlessly with your accounting system.

When will the Service Agreements module be available in the BuildOps suite?

We’ll be adding Service Agreements to our all-in-one platform by January 2021!

We work very closely with our customers to ensure that everything we build brings massive value to commercial contractors. If you’d like to see a deeper dive of how we can help you operationalize this part of your business, please fill out a demo form today!

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