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BuildOps Featured in Forbes Magazine

By: BuildOps - November 6, 2019

Nov. 6, 2019

buildops featured in forbes

BuildOps is proud to announce that our company was recently profiled by Forbes magazine.

Forbes seems to recognize and is taking note of commercial contractors needs.

‘BuildOps is unique because it addresses the problem of efficiency in construction for an often-overlooked audience. Rather than focusing on large projects, or catering to owners, they look to the needs of technician-heavy subcontracting firms working in the commercial space. This is a labour and management intensive area, and attacking it is a clever move as companies in this business tend to be run very simply (off of Excel at best) but require enormous coordination efforts for things to go smoothly. Though there are several well-established providers in North America that manage field technicians, such as Field Edge, BuildOps claims to be the only one that is specifically tailored to commercial subcontractors.’

To back up the benefits, Forbes writer, Angelica Donati spoke with a BuildOps customer.

‘Clients are enthusiastic about its product, with Joe Kirmser, CEO of Reedy Industries (one of the largest commercial HVAC contractors in North America) stating: “Our industry is sorely lacking when it comes to great software that runs the entire business. BuildOps is filling a massive need and can exponentially improve productivity in every department.”‘

Donati goes on to discuss the potential for a product like BuildOps and what the future holds for the industry it serves.

‘The company is working on expanding its offering and also launching a client portal. On top of this, though, they are also doing something very smart, which is betting on data in an area where most of the data is inaccurate, fragmented, and siloed. ‘

Lastly, the article covers the potential impact BuildOps could have on the industry as a whole.

‘Is it impactful? Without hard numbers on the efficiencies its clients gain by using it, this is difficult to tell, but its fast pace of growth and strong raise indicate that the company has carved out a niche where it can add significant value and is doing so. The true test of its worth will come with what happens next.’