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Basic Call Tracking For Your Campaigns

Oct. 28, 2022

call tracking hvac business

Call tracking is a great way to start seeing what campaigns are driving business-generating phone calls to you. With providers like CallRail starting at $50 a month – it’s easy to activate this technology. There are other call tracking tools available on the market too:


1. CallTrackingMetrics

2. Invoca

3. CallRail

4. Contactology

5. Marchex

6. WhatConverts

7. CallStack

8. Convirza

9. RingDNA

10. UpCall


If you are going to look for a call tacking tool – here’s a list of features to keep in mind and be sure to take a demo before settling on a vendor partner.


1. Call Recording

One of the most important features of any call tracking solution is the ability to record phone calls. This allows businesses to listen back to calls and analyze them for insights into customer behavior.

2. Call Reporting

Another key feature of call tracking solutions is reporting that provides detailed information about each phone call, including the date, time, duration, and caller ID. This information can be used to track which advertising channels are driving phone calls, and also to identify trends in customer behavior.

3. Call Routing

Call routing allows businesses to route calls to different phone numbers, depending on the advertising channel that generated the call. This ensures that each call is handled by the most appropriate representative, and also allows businesses to track which advertising channels are driving the most calls.

4. Call Tracking Numbers

Call tracking numbers are unique phone numbers that are assigned to each advertising campaign. When a customer calls the tracking number, the call is routed to the appropriate call center agent and recorded. This allows businesses to track which advertising campaigns are driving phone calls and if they’re resulting in additional revenue.

5. Local Number Portability

Local number portability (LNP) allows businesses to use local phone numbers for their tracking numbers. This can be beneficial for businesses with multiple locations, as it allows them to use the same tracking number in all of their advertising campaigns.

6. Call Recording and Archiving

Call recording and archiving allows businesses to store and playback recorded phone calls. Beyond needing for strictly marketing purposes, this feature can be great for businesses that want to review customer calls for quality assurance or training purposes.

7. Integration with CRM Systems

Some call tracking solutions offer integration with CRM systems, such as Salesforce or Zendesk. This allows businesses to route calls to the appropriate representative based on customer information stored in the CRM system. Additionally, it can provide valuable insights into customer behavior that can be used to improve customer service and even opportunity for upsell or cross-sell.


call tracking hvac business