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ChatGPT and OpenAI in Commercial HVAC Businesses

Feb. 15, 2023

Like it or not, we live in a world that’s now dominated by fast-paced advances in technology. It’s completely transformed the way we live our lives, consume information, and most importantly, how we run our businesses. One of the latest advances in tech to have graced our computers is the emergence of AI. More specifically, OpenAI and ChatGPT—both of which have tremendous applications for improving operations across commercial HVAC companies, and their workflows. 

As exciting as these new tools are, it’s important to highlight that, while they show great potential, most of these applications are still strictly theoretical. They can still be used in some capacity to simplify your commercial workflow, but we’re still a ways away from full automation.

Leveraging these new technologies will allow commercial HVAC and MEP companies to streamline traditional operations and improve overall customer satisfaction. Think of it this way, imagine a world where you can seriously reduce the time you spend on customer service interactions, email marketing, invoicing, and so much more. Automating these processes with a trusty set of AI tools will help save your company time, money, and manual resources that can be better spent on other tasks.  Let’s dive into a few of our favorites.


Commercial HVAC ventilation

Outdoor HVAC ventilation

Data Analysis 

One of the most valuable ways your commercial HVAC company can make use of OpenAI and ChatGPT is by easily accessing a whole world of data analytics related to your specific industry. Picture this, a platform that you can ask, in plain English, to provide you with a data set you can then use to make an informed decision about where to invest your resources when growing your business. Aggregating data is time-consuming and oftentimes complicated. Platforms like OpenAI and ChatGPT eliminate the need to hire specialized personnel, or third-party consulting firms, ultimately saving both time and money for your business.  


Email Marketing Automation

Generating new leads isn’t easy. And not everybody has the skills it takes to develop an effective marketing campaign to attract new business. Using AI, you can provide your chosen platform with a simple set of parameters for your email marketing campaign, and there you have it! Plug it into your chosen CMS and you’re ready to expand your customer base. 


Synthesizing Complex Information

Imagine a situation where you have a project document, hundreds of pages long, sitting in front of you. We know that you’ll take the time to read the whole thing, but when it comes to comprehension, it never hurts to have access to a cheat sheet. Both ChatGPT and OpenAI are capable of taking these large, complex bodies of text and breaking them down into a concise summary of key points and insights that you can use to better understand what you’re looking at. 

Facilitating Customer Service

Being in constant communication with your customers is time-consuming—especially when you don’t have the personnel to match the volume. You can actually leverage AI tools to help take on some of that workload. Your commercial contracting business will be able to quickly answer any customer inquiries, as well as provide them with real-time job updates—so they can stay better informed about the progression of their projects.


Automating Safety Protocols

Address safety issues in real time by using Chat GPT to create a virtual assistant capable of responding to questions about specific safety protocols for your business. 


Streamline Invoicing

Finally, one of the most convenient uses for leveraging AI in your commercial HVAC or MEP business—invoicing. Now, let’s get something straight, these tools are in no way a replacement for proper field service management software—but they will help ease your workload. Not only can OpenAI and ChatGPT quickly and efficiently track payment processing for your clients, but they can also help identify potential billing mistakes before they ever become a problem for you or your customers.  

HVAC ventilation

HVAC vents

As the owner or operator of a commercial contracting business, it’s your responsibility to ensure quality and efficient service to your clients—but it also means managing a whole bunch of other tasks on the back end. Using the right technology to elevate the way you do business will help maximize your time and set your service standards miles apart from the competition. 


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