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Drive Growth and Service Agreements with the Right Scheduling Software

Jan. 19, 2022

Efficient, accurate scheduling is critical for field service companies to keep their business on track. The costs of poorly executed scheduling — including excessive travel time, callbacks and customer frustration — can quickly add up and lead to significant losses in revenue.

On the other hand, an airtight state-of-the-art scheduling process can be an important differentiator in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. Effectively managing labor and transportation resources can translate to more jobs and drive business growth through enhanced revenue.

So what’s the secret to smart scheduling? And how can contractors leverage it to set their companies apart?

The right scheduling tools are vital to keeping jobs on track and reducing inefficiencies. With modern field service scheduling software like BuildOps, dispatchers have real-time access to detailed granular information so they can connect the right crew with the right job. Highlighting technicians by skill set and availability and sorting jobs by category add additional layers of valuable precision to the process.

With automated scheduling functions, business owners have the technological support to build or expand what has been identified as a key element of success for commercial contractors: a service agreement program.

Service or maintenance agreement plans can offer powerful business advantages like customer loyalty, predictable year-round income and opportunities for pull-through service. The structure provided by a strong base of service contract customers also helps business owners deploy resources efficiently.

Unfortunately, for all its obvious benefits, a maintenance program can be a big headache. Even with many of the most popular field service management software platforms, organizing and tracking a maintenance schedule can be time-consuming and frustrating.

The right software solution is one specifically designed for commercial mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors that features advanced, data-based maintenance agreement management functionality. With BuildOps, contractors and dispatchers can easily oversee short- and long-term scheduling in real time, accounting for all the special customer circumstances that may apply, such as custom pricing or multiple locations.

There are ongoing advantages to using BuildOps to manage commercial maintenance agreements:

  • Because your work is more predictably scheduled throughout the year, you can plan labor and staff more accurately.
  • Purchasing parts and materials at better prices and reducing excess inventory.
  • Service programs also provide built-in resistance to shifting economic conditions.

Ultimately, maintenance agreements provide a unique opportunity for growth. Investing in the long-term stability and predictable revenue stream delivered by a successful service contract empowers business owners to focus on strategic priorities rather than daily operations.

If you want to claim an edge that makes a real difference during today’s unpredictable economic climate, contact us to schedule a demo.