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Even Super Man needs help! What about Service Technicians?

By: Employee - April 17, 2019

Apr. 17, 2019

superhero service technician

By: Employee, a passionate CRM and Field Services transformation professional 

Since my childhood, I’ve heard stories about how this world needs Superman – a man from the planet Krypton, equipped to fly at lightning speed to save the day all by himself, and sometimes, with some help from humans like Batman! Remember ‘Dawn of Justice’?

I feel the same about a service technician when a residential or a commercial customer needs a plumber, electrician or any other service technician. That’s when we all wish a service technician could arrive at lightning speed with all possible gadgets and solutions to fix the problem.

In the last 20 years of my association with multiple CRM and Field Services transformations, I have experienced and tried to work out solutions to a set of common questions from and problems faced by my customers:

  • What prevents my end customer from becoming a satisfied customer?
  • What prevents a service technician from being dispatched in time to service a customer’s needs?
  • Why can’t a service technician take the shortest route to get to a property or a residence?
  • Why can’t my service technician finish the assigned job in time?
  • Why can’t I equip my service technicians with all available products to service my customers?
  • How do I keep my service technicians motivated and excited?

Sad but true, a service technician is NO Superman or Superwoman! S/he needs help and motivation!

In fact, I am trying to be the Batman helping service technicians!  And my motivation to help is driven by my passion for and belief in the “Need for speed and quality”.

My question to the readers: How would you like to envision a service technician in today’s digital world? I see her/him as a ‘Digitally Connected Worker’.

After all, the world deserves ‘super’ services backed by:

  • Optimized scheduling and dispatching
  • Over the shoulder coaching
  • Digital forms
  • Wearable devices
  • Asset identification and augmented reality
  • Digital GIS
  • Real time viewing of incentive compensation and wages for technicians
  • Field beacons and much more

Now think of a world where the service technician is your personal “Digital Superman” and will be with you at the touch of a button, either on your watch, phone or tablet.

The future service technician is on the way…