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Field Service Optimization: It Starts with the Platform

Mar. 9, 2022

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The right field service platform isn’t a band-aid fix to a single problem. You’re spending money on a product that should improve efficiency leading to higher revenue and increased technician satisfaction. 

But many commercial electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors choose software platforms based on brand recognition instead of optimizing workflows and automating processes. You might see short-term positive results, but how long will that last?

Don’t ignore useful features, don’t buy platforms meant for another service type, and don’t ignore cross-platform integrations that will seamlessly connect all of your data.

The best tip when selecting a software platform is to do your research. The biggest brand name might promise more than they can deliver or ignore you once you sign the contract.

  • Pick the right platform: Understand the full scope of the problem. Talk to your team and determine if it’s a systemic, operational, or process problem. Don’t buy to solve a single specific issue and invest for scalability. Research options, compare features, and watch demos of potential choices. Look at industry-specific software platforms that use the cloud. Cloud-based platforms are accessible through a web browser and mobile apps instead of single, siloed installations.
  • Get team buy-in: Large process change reluctance is a major obstacle. Include all team members in the process from the start. Ask them what they need and what they want. Ensure best practice training is available.
  • Ensure the platform is properly implemented: Many contractors adopt basic functionality for quick wins. They plan on adding features later, but it’s more efficient to fully configure the platform and plan its use in daily business. 

Full implementation includes:

  • In-depth discovery process: Audit your company operations. Define existing workflows and identify bottlenecks before implementation. BuildOps will customize platform functions and features to meet your company’s specific needs.
  • Intelligent configuration: BuildOps collaborates with your team to set up the platform specifically for your company. We’ll optimize functional features based on your workflows, pain points, and goals instead of overloading your techs and office employees.
  • Training: We continue to work closely with your team after configuration to ensure everyone is confident with the BuildOps platform.
  • Validation: In this stage, you and your BuildOps team triple-check and confirm your customized platform.
  • Ongoing support: Some platform providers flip a switch and disappear. With BuildOps, the same team managing your onboarding will be your permanent support team. After you go live, they’ll follow up with daily, then twice-weekly check-ins. Then they remain available to answer questions from the office or the field, smooth out any roadblocks on the road to success, and update your system as your company grows.

Finding the right platform is critical for commercial contractors. Off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all platforms can’t deliver the specific results your company needs. 

At BuildOps, we configure the platform individually, providing a custom solution to optimize your team’s performance, drive efficiency, and secure increased revenue. We also personalize implementation and provide the support that builds your team’s confidence and empowers them to win more jobs and grow your company.