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How Davis & Plomin Mechanical Took Their Business to the Next Level With BuildOps

Apr. 19, 2023


Running a commercial contracting company is a challenge—one made all the more difficult without the help of a proper field service management solution. Just ask Sam Plomin and Matt Wright, Office Manager, and Service Project Manager over at Davis & Plomin Mechanical. They turned to BuildOps to take their service business to the next level by helping to evolve their workflow, wean them off of spreadsheets and phone calls, and get them integrated with a full-service digital platform for their commercial contracting business. 

Established in 1989, Davis & Plomin Mechanical operates on the core belief that their team truly cares about each and every project they complete. Servicing Central Kentucky and the surrounding areas, they take pride in their ability to take on difficult, complex projects—which other companies, by the way, actively avoid. With an employee force currently sitting around 150, they seek to provide their clients with innovative, cost-conscious work—delivered on time, making every effort to reduce both energy consumption and operational costs. 

Identifying Missed Opportunities

Before their implementation of BuildOps, Davis & Plomin Mechanical was faced with a host of problems, with which most members of the commercial contracting industry are all too familiar. Without a proper service management platform, operations management was left to antiquated processes which relied on spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails to execute dispatch and similar basic back office functions. “Billing was an issue,” Sam told us. “And holding our technicians accountable for work completed during service calls became a challenge.” They wanted a solution that could help them create comprehensive reports that would give them full visibility on work that had been completed.     

Their decision to move forward with BuildOps was sparked by their desire to grow their service department the right way. “We wanted a solution that would grow with us,” they said. “And when it came down to it, BuildOps stood out from the rest owing to its simple and intuitive user interface.” They finished by telling us that part of their decision came from our ability to integrate with other service software—and that it really felt like software created for commercial service organizations.  

Increasing Productivity With Job Forecasting and On-the-Fly Scheduling

Once our implementation team was finished, the company was pleasantly surprised with how easy and intuitive the platform was to use. “Lacy, our implementation specialist, was extremely helpful and thorough in understanding our processes,” They said. “Before BuildOps, we didn’t have any service software. The dispatching tool has been particularly huge for us.” The ability to forecast work for the coming weeks and being able to change schedules on the fly was a huge help for their organization. They were also extremely pleased with their newfound ability to apply our invoicing tool to other areas of their business, like small HVAC and plumbing jobs, without having to rely on any additional software. 

The platform has helped their back-office workers and in-field technicians be more productive and reliable in getting their work completed—along with a full account of everything that was done on a given job.

A Glowing Recommendation For Service Shops Across the Country

“We would definitely recommend BuildOps,” the two said. “The software is constantly growing and continues to amaze us with every new update.” They believe that when shopping for a new solution, you want software that intends to grow and improve into the future—and according to Sam Plomin and Matt Wright, BuildOps does just that. 

We’re pleased to see that our customer-first mentality and drive to improve the lives of our users don’t go unnoticed. Think BuildOps might be right for your and your service business? Check out our product demo, or book a call with one of our service experts.