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How to Find 15 Extra Hours a Week for Your Contracting Business

Aug. 25, 2021

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Technicians are employed for their skill and experience in the field, not with a spreadsheet. Every second they spend filling out paperwork or performing tedious data-entry tasks is a second when their value isn’t being realized. That’s frustrating for them — and expensive for business owners.

It’s no secret that many HVAC, electrical and mechanical contractors are looking for ways to be more efficient and effective. One of the top priorities throughout the industry is reducing the amount of time that team members spend on tedious, time-consuming tasks and freeing them to do the meaningful service work they’re trained and hired for.

We know that an array of technology solutions are available to help field techs save time, reduce expenses and generate more revenue. But they aren’t the only team members who can benefit from technology. Contractors whose technology investment is limited to an app for technicians could be missing a significant opportunity to increase their company’s productivity across the board.

Our industry may focus on the field, but the office staff plays a critical support role that makes field service calls possible. From scheduling and dispatch to sales, management and accounting, empowering the behind-the-scenes team to perform more efficiently and effectively is an essential strategy for increasing revenue and supporting growth.

With BuildOps, the all-in-one operational software built for the modern commercial contractor, a company can save up to three hours of work a day. What could your team get done with 15 extra hours every week?

  • Answer more calls: BuildOps’ scheduling and dispatch apps ensure a seamless process for fielding calls and getting the right tech on every job. Not only are you increasing business by improving efficiency, you reduce callbacks and maintain flexibility for emergencies or other surprises. That’s more time to serve more customers.
  • Provide better customer experience: The streamlined, all-in-one functionality of the BuildOps suite enhances the customer experience from start to finish. With quicker response times, focused field service and transparent pricing and invoicing, your team can establish credibility and build trust that will pay off for years to come.
  • Win more jobs. BuildOps not only empowers techs to prepare quotes in the field, which is a key indicator of success for commercial contractors. With transparent pricing, instant coordination and photo and video capability, our platform offers a full range of tools designed for fast approval.

With the BuildOps commercial field service software suite, your entire business can take advantage of instant communication and automated tasks. BuildOps streamlines repetitive, paper-intensive work so that back-office personnel can spend their time taking care of customers instead of shuffling paperwork from desk to desk.

The time is out there for the taking. Call BuildOps at (213) 559-1988 or go online to schedule a demo.