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How to keep track of what works for your company – and drop what doesn’t

Dec. 15, 2021

How do you know what drives success? 

Commercial contractors have a lot going on all the time. That’s especially true these days, when a tight labor market is keeping skilled technicians and experienced staff members in short supply. It’s easy to just keep doing what you’ve always done. 

The problem with that approach is that you’re probably continuing some common practices that work against you. 

Most contractors recognize the industry’s familiar pain points and sources of friction (callbacks, time-consuming data entry and record-keeping, project delays, etc.). Too often, however, they accept those disruptions as part of the cost of doing business.  

But there’s no reason to spend time on tasks that aren’t making positive contributions to your profitability. Running in place isn’t an option in today’s hypercompetitive economic climate. 

Fortunately, the tools for keeping your operations running at peak efficiency are readily available. 

Leverage data for accurate insights

With an all-in-one software solution like BuildOps, contractors can create customized dashboards to monitor data from across their operations. Powerful industry-leading analytics deliver actionable insights so contractors can accurately measure every aspect of their business in real time. 

And as a fully integrated platform, BuildOps connects granular data from across your business with customer and project information for reliable, up-to-the-second views of your operation. And with our comprehensive reporting function, you can leverage that data into detailed reports that can guide your strategy and decision-making. 

Step-by-step strategy

Planning to ensure maximum operational efficiency and productivity is straightforward and streamlined once you have the right data.  

  • Identify what works. With BuildOps, you can apply data from across our multiple functions — field service management, customer management, project management, quoting, invoicing, scheduling, dispatching, and service agreements — for immediate insight into which departments, projects, customers and workflows are helping you succeed. 
  • Identify what doesn’t work. The same analytic power can help you see problem areas: departments that are lagging behind, services or project types that consistently underperform, and challenging customer relationships. 
  • Fix what you can. Based on BuildOps reports and actionable analytics, you can provide targeted training or implement streamlined workflows that reduce friction, enhance efficiency and increase profitability. 
  • Drop what you can’t fix. Finally, you’ll see areas that just aren’t working for you. There’s no point in offering services that don’t bolster your bottom line or maintain partnerships that drain revenue. Be realistic about your market and your team so you can focus on your expertise. 

BuildOps offers a reliable reporting system so commercial contractors can make data-based decisions that optimize operations and productivity. Our all-in-one platform delivers in-depth insights into critical workflows so you can enhance your company’s effectiveness and minimize bottlenecks, pain points and friction. To find out more, schedule a demo today.