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Top 5 Competitive Tools To Know About In Construction

By: BuildOps Marketing - September 26, 2022

Sep. 26, 2022


Check out these powerful tools that allow for competitive analysis. Even better, many of them are free, so you can get started right away:

1. BuiltWith – complete snapshot of all tools and marketing technology on a website
2. Moat – a tool that shows you all of the display ads your competition is using
3. SparkToro – the ultimate audience insights search engine
4. Taboola Insights – test your ad creative and call to action here
5. SemRush – get a snapshot of your competitor’s paid search success



BuiltWith free access includes 10 competitor searches to see what technologies they are using. Viewing everything that was or is connected to your competition’s website is tracked by the builtwith.com engine for many years. Add you competitor’s domain and get insights across multiple categories: web analytics tools, marketing automation, media buying, social media, video hosting, website visits, advertising tools, email tools, and more.



Moat.com is the easiest way to discover how your competitors are running display ads. You don’t even need to register an account, just start typing the name of the brand you are interested in and instantly get results.

hvac marketing - competitive ad research


SparkToro requires quick registration, but you get a dozen free searches packed with audience insights. It’s a great tool if you want to understand where your audience resides in the online world. It takes seconds for the SparkToro engine to identify websites, YouTube channels, social media channels, and other places your audiences frequent. All of this data can be used to improve your advertising targeting – impacting Clickthru Rates (CTR), Cost per click (CPC), and Cost per lead (CPL).

hvac advertising - audience data research


Taboola Insights – is another tool that requires no registration. Two must-have features to try are Titles and Images. Titles allow you to test multiple Call-to-Actions (CTRs) or titles and see which one has a higher %s for better CTRs.  Images are a good source of inspiration on how to organize and improve click-through rates for your creatives. Simple visual optimizations and tweaks for your ads will guarantee to improve your CTR.


hvac marketing - creatives and visuals research



Semrush.com is a large marketing research and competitive insights platform with various functions including SEO, paid search, competitive display ads, content and keywords research, and more. A free account will get you the basics – Domain Overview (Screenshot of Domain Overview is below – with key highlights of competitor website performance). Also, consider Organic Research and Organic Search Traffic (box number in blue) – if you click on this, it will reveal some of the top-performing keywords that are bringing the traffic to your competitor’s website from Google searches.

hvac advertising - competitive seo and paid search