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Keep Your Company on Track with Data-informed Reporting

Nov. 3, 2021

electrician reporting

Not all metrics are equal. 

Search online and you’ll find plenty of advice about the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for the commercial plumbing and mechanical contracting industries. The information you’ll find is incredibly valuable — so valuable, in fact, that it’s become the baseline standard for contractors who want to remain competitive today. 

Most contractors today know that effectively measuring and monitoring basic industry KPIs like callbacks, customer experience and financial data isn’t optional anymore. They know that an efficient, accurate and easy-to-use software solution is an essential tool for the job. 

Unfortunately, many of those same contractors are failing to fully leverage the opportunities for saving time and money afforded by the top technology providers and platforms. What they don’t know is that measuring basic KPIs is just the starting point. 

With advanced reporting based on all the data your company generates, you can manage granular insights from all departments at all stages of the work cycle to make real-time decisions and build long-term strategies. Identifying the information that helps you operate better empowers you to track the KPIs that will make a difference for your business.  

The Right Tool for the Job

Even as more and more contractors replace notebooks and spreadsheets with modern software solutions, few of them get the full value available from today’s technology. In order to accelerate business, drive unprecedented growth and build competitive advantage in today’s market, contractors must optimize every tool available. 

An all-in-one software solution can be one of the most powerful pieces of equipment on a jobsite or back at the office. But it’s got to be the right tool for the job, and you have to commit to it. Two of the most common mistakes that prevent users from seeing truly radical operational improvements are choosing the wrong platform and limited adoption. 

With the wrong platform, you could end up with a fancy new toy that provides no real advantage or, even worse, ends up costing you time and money in the long run. It’s equally critical for contractors to fully implement the selected solution’s functionality to leverage all the possible KPIs to boost their business. 

Using a small percentage of the features available means you’re spending money for technology you don’t use. This partial approach could introduce new inefficiencies to your workflows that have long-term consequences. If your entire team isn’t working on the platform, that disconnect between the field and the office could reduce accuracy and transparency. If you only implement a few features, team members may spend more time than ever switching back and forth between multiple systems. 

And without a fully implemented, optimally configured solution, your teams may spend time collecting data that just sits in the cloud instead of being applied productively. Total implementation, however, gives users access to a universe of data that can be transformed based on their needs. 

The All-in-one Answer

With BuildOps, users can run reports and generate actionable data related to any department or any stage of the job lifecycle. Our innovative built-in reporting function offers real-time, up-to-the-minute insight. 

Every single field in BuildOps can be easily configured into a report. BuildOps’ reporting function gives contractors unprecedented capability to manage and track data from the jobsite, the office and previous work to generate key real-time insights that streamline workflows, increase accuracy and save time. 

BuildOps’ detailed custom reporting options include the essentials (with industry-leading speed, accuracy and convenience) as well as intuitive features uniquely designed for modern commercial contractors. In addition to fundamental operations information like leads and ticket values, users can curate the specific data that helps them work efficiently and effectively, including: 

  • Asset management.
  • Close rates. 
  • Customers with the most quoted work.
  • Customers with the highest acceptance rating.
  • Pull-through work generated from preventative maintenance agreements.
  • Customer profitability based on combining repairs and maintenance.
  • Technician performance based on job type, customer type, productivity and profitability.

During our in-depth onboarding process, we will help you define the reports you need so you will always have an accurate snapshot of the KPIs that are most important to your particular business. We will also make sure your team knows how to build reports themselves. The report building process is so simple, it takes less than a minute to pull a report on any metric in your system.

If you’re ready to see how real-time reporting with custom insights can transform your business, request a demo today.