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Maximize the Efficiency and Growth Opportunities Afforded by All-in-one Software

Oct. 20, 2021

One of the most glaring problems in our industry is the haphazard adoption and implementation of software solutions. Far too often, contractors are dazzled by a new product at a trade show, purchase it for their team, go through preliminary training and … then use a tiny percentage of the functions they’re paying for. 

They incorporate basic functionality into their workflow, usually addressing the most obvious pain points among their processes. But at the end of the day, if they’re only using 10-15% of the tools available to them, they’re wasting money on technology they don’t use. Even worse, this “half in-half out” approach  could leave them vulnerable to new inefficiencies that can have killer consequences. 

That’s why the correct implementation of all-in-one software is critical if commercial contractors want to reap the benefits of field service technology. 

Complete and Accurate Documentation of Your Workflow During Implementation

The prospect of selecting, learning and implementing a new technology platform can seem like a major headache, so many contractors put it off — sometimes for months or even years. 

A new technology solution is a significant decision for any business. It shouldn’t be made lightly. At the same time, most contractors have their hands full running their companies. They can’t afford to spend a lot of time on research, demos, training and implementation at the expense of business operations. 

At BuildOps, we know how busy our customers are. We also know that diving deep to identify and address your company’s needs and delivering a personalized, hands-on implementation equips them to enjoy the full advantages of our solution. 

Because we’re invested in your success, we offer a unique white-glove approach to onboarding and implementation. The four main phases of our process — discovery, configuration, validation and success — are combined with ongoing support to ensure that: 

  • Your business stays on track during implementation. 
  • We identify the pain points and bottlenecks our software needs to address. 
  • Our solution is configured to meet your specific needs and workflows. 
  • You and your team are comfortable and confident with your personalized BuildOps solution. 
  • You have the right tools to complete the transition and fully incorporate our platform into your workflows and processes.   

Our approach flips the onboarding process on its head. We prioritize developing the exact solution contractors need because we know “one size fits all” doesn’t work in our industry. 

Disconnect and Errors

The result of haphazard implementation is a haphazard workflow. Many contractors continue to take a piecemeal approach to technology even after adopting sophisticated, robust software solutions. 

One all-too-frequent example is the platform user who insists on calculating and recording quotes in word processing documents or spreadsheets. The process might seem reliable because it’s familiar, but fundamental flaws in that approach can be a significant source of lost revenue. 

Besides the human error factor that is built into a process requiring manual entry, the disconnect between systems creates opportunity for existing errors to be compounded and further errors to be introduced. If you’re quoting on disparate systems — using a field service platform like BuildOps for reporting and scheduling but quoting with Word or Excel — there’s a 100% chance that something will fall through the cracks. 

Better Quoting 

With the dedicated quoting feature built into BuildOps’ all-in-one software, commercial contractors can easily generate and manage quotes in the field, which increases the chance that customers will approve. 

This seamless operation allows users to monitor the status of the quotes, track changes and maintain a complete quote history at all times so communications with customers remain clear and effective. There’s no more need to wrestle with 10 different versions in multiple formats. 

Other benefits of streamlining your quoting process with BuildOps include: 

  • Onsite quotes using parts and pricing from the built-in equipment catalog.
  • Real-time status updates. 
  • Approved quotes are automatically converted to scheduled jobs. 
  • Photo and video capabilities for quotes. 
  • Full integration with BuildOps’ invoicing, accounting and reporting functions. 

The All-in-one Answer

Don’t leave the tools offered by your all-in-one software on the table. Full adoption and integration of the right FMS ensures that contractors, techs, and customers are up to date, informed and in communication. Fully integrated field service software helps commercial contractors get more jobs, stay on time and budget and grow their business by putting all the essential tasks for success in one convenient location and eliminating the time-consuming labor that slows down workflows and eats into profits.  

To learn more about BuildOps and how we can help your team work more effectively and efficiently, contact us to schedule a demo