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Scheduling can Change Everything

By: Alok Chanani - April 9, 2019

Apr. 9, 2019

By Alok Chanani

Working in the field is a completely different animal than sitting behind a desk.  I spent half a decade as an Army officer and a tour in Baghdad, so I know what it means to deal with emergencies.  And to be out in the field.  It’s unpredictable and anything can happen.  As the operator of a service company, you have your own fires to put out.  One might be a customer with a flooded building, or it could just be a routine maintenance call at one of your regular stops.  Every day is different and that makes every day an adventure. 

Your work can be super complex and require your top tier gold techs or it could be something simple an apprentice can handle with ease.  The workflows vary dramatically and for businesses that do service (sometimes 24-7) we all know that the craziest things happen after hours. 

As you have a combination of scheduled and emergency calls – you have to make quick decisions and think on your feet.  Any service business that lags and move slowly, doesn’t stay around for long.

Paper processes slow things down especially when there is not real time communication between the folks in the field and back at the office. Taking care of customer emergencies without everyone on the same page or operating on old information can create a giant mess.

One of our key areas of focus here at BuildOps is to make sure that giant mess never happens. Even if somehow it does, we give you the tools to clean things up quickly with total visibility of all your field technicians and jobs to deal with.  How do we do this?

Five things that we do to give you the edge:

  • Lighting fast, super simple scheduling and dispatching that is device agnostic. That means you can see it on any device (iPhone, Android, Desktop) whenever it’s convenient for you.
  • Factor in jobs that are planned well in advance, the never-ending emergencies, and regular routine scheduled (monthly, quarterly) calls on a single easy to read screen.
  • Gives your field techs all of the info the people at the office have real-time so there is never a delay in communicating key information about the job.
  • Easy drag and drop to move around jobs and color coding so your dispatchers can look at the screen and instantly get a crystal-clear view of what is happening real-time.
  • Schedule individual techs or crews to jobs in any variation with incredible ease. You can even track the primary techs on the specific jobs so you can keep your crew leaders accountable and in charge.

We are building the premier commercial service software solution that is only getting easier, faster, and better with every passing day.  Test us out with the beta release in a few weeks and see why BuildOps hasn’t even officially launched yet but has the whole town talking 😊