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Sterling scheduling and dispatch set the stage for growth

Dec. 1, 2021

In an ideal world, every technician on your team would be the best choice for any job. Regardless of the complexity or level of difficulty, you could be confident that whoever went out on a call would get the work done right, as quickly as possible, while earning the customer’s trust and loyalty. (The perfect tech would also sell an equipment upgrade or additional service.)

Unfortunately, we live in the real world. Here, selecting the right person for any job is complicated. There are a number of factors to consider, from technical ability, training and experience to the increasingly important soft skills that maximize customer experience. Customer expectations, the scale and scope of the work and availability are other elements that come into play. 

High stakes

There are real world stakes involved, too. Mismatched labor can lead to a host of costly negative outcomes: mistakes, delays, callbacks, damaged reputation and lost future revenue. 

That’s why matching techs to the work is something that has frustrated contractors for decades. Traditionally, instinct and gut feelings were the only available tools for the job. Several years ago, forward-thinking contractors adopted whiteboards and spreadsheets. But that just won’t cut it anymore. 

Streamlined solutions with integrated technology

In today’s competitive climate, optimizing where your techs go, and when, is a critical part of a contractor’s workflow. Integrated dispatch and scheduling platforms like BuildOps offer a complete solution for keeping jobs on track and reducing inefficiency. With BuildOps’ cloud-based operational software, your scheduling team is equipped with a range of powerful management tools that allow them to: 

  • Field customer calls, create jobs, then drag and drop them into technicians’ schedules.
  • Easily shorten, extend or reschedule jobs altogether. 
  • Quickly build and break down teams according to job needs or tech skills. 
  • Toggle between assigned and unassigned views for instant access to tech availability. 

In addition, techs are automatically alerted when jobs are added to or removed from their schedules. 

Working seamlessly with BuildOps field service dispatch software, office teams can fully manage technicians across ongoing and upcoming jobs, adjusting the workforce on the fly as jobs are completed early. The advanced BuildOps dispatch board: 

  • Identifies and highlights schedule conflicts and late and unassigned jobs. 
  • Provides techs immediate mobile access to work orders and customer data. 
  • Allows techs to update their work status, giving dispatchers full visibility into team availability. 

Data-based dispatch fuels growth

In addition, BuildOps’ integrated scheduling and dispatch platforms allow you to monitor — and leverage — granular and customizable field service and customer data. Reliable, accessible shared information like the time taken for maintenance and repair calls, average ticket amount, travel time, and profitability by techs and customers, enables data-backed decision-making when creating maintenance schedules, new project estimates, hiring and more. 

Efficient, automated dispatching and scheduling is invaluable for opening new channels of growth. Contractors can take on more projects, hire more team members, offer additional services or expand into new service areas, or invest in added training or marketing initiatives. 

If you’re ready to explore the growth opportunities that are possible with our integrated scheduling and dispatch platforms, schedule a demo now.