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The Best Web Analytics Tools for Construction Companies

Apr. 18, 2022

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BuildOps surveyed the top 1000 construction companies in the United States to discover which web analytics technologies fuel their success. Our team identified hundreds of platforms and tools leveraged by some of the most successful construction companies.

This report also compares the findings with global marketing technology adoption trends across 6 million websites. This demonstrates how and why top construction companies differ from the rest of the construction industry when it comes to advertising and marketing technology adoption.

What We Discovered

Almost 88% of commercial construction companies are using Google Analytics on their website. 23% also leverage tools like Hotjar, CrazyEgg, ClickTale, and more to visualize visitor behavior to gain a deeper understanding of the website experience. Only a third have claimed their website on Google Search Console – make sure your website is connected (This is important for website search engine optimization). Facebook Analytics is the 2nd most used implementation globally. Leverage this to understand who your website visitors are.

What’s the web analytics platform usage among the top 1000 construction companies? Our team discovered active usage of over 200 different analytics platforms among the top construction companies. With 88% of construction companies leveraging Google Analytics, what are the other tools are used in this category?

Top Findings

  • Top 1000 construction companies leverage an average of 2-3 analytics platforms simultaneously.
  • In 23% of cases, HotJar, CrazyEgg, or similar tools are used for website visitor behavior visualization and visitor session recording.
  • 12.9% of construction companies leverage visual web analytics tools to visualize visitor behavior (heat maps, scroll maps, click paths, etc.). Hotjar, CrazyEgg, and MouseFlow are some of the top choices.
  • Only 27.6% of listed companies are using Google Search Console. Make sure your company claims your website via Search Console to get additional performance analytics and insights.

buildops marketing trends web analytics

Compared to Global Data

buildops marketing trends web analytics google trends

There is widespread interest in web analytics technology and state interest visualization is a good highlight of that. There is an evenly spread interest in this technology across the country today.

Below are the global web analytics platform usage across 6 million-plus websites. Compare and see whether construction companies differ when it comes to web analytics tools. Here are the top 20 technologies across the top few million websites on the Internet.

buildops marketing trends web analytics global web

Comments and Other Findings

  • 260 web analytics tools are used globally. The top 1000 construction companies leverage 200 of them (great “long-tail” diversity of the tools used).
  • Facebook Analytics holds 5.4% of the global market share. It is the 2nd most used tool after Google Analytics and related tools.
  • There is a stronger presence of search engine-related analytics tools on the global list: Baidu, Yahoo, Bing tools, etc.
  • Visual web analytics with heat maps, click maps, scroll maps, etc. are in the top 10 results like Hotjar.