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Top Conversion Optimization Tools for Construction Companies in 2022

Apr. 18, 2022

buildops marketing technology insights

BuildOps surveyed the top 1000 construction companies in the United States to discover which conversion optimization technologies fuel their success. Our team identified hundreds of platforms and tools leveraged by some of the most successful construction companies.

This report also compares the findings with global marketing technology adoption trends across 6 million websites. This demonstrates how and why top construction companies differ from the rest of the construction industry when it comes to advertising and marketing technology adoption.

What We Discovered

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools collect website and visitor data to help you understand how people use your site and identify and test potential changes to increase conversion rates. Roughly 1 out of 10 construction companies use this today to increase website conversion rates. Google Optimize 360 and Optimizely are the top choices today.

Top Findings

  • Construction companies are only using 9 out of 60 available conversion optimization and A/B testing solutions.
  • Google Optimize and Optimizely are at the top of the list for construction companies. Global technology follows the same pattern with 50% of companies adopting one of them.

buildops marketing trends conversion optimization usage

Compared to Global Data

How popular is the topic of conversion optimization in the construction industry? This Google Trends chart highlights the popularity of conversion marketing among construction companies with interest averaging around the 50 mark (Google popularity index ranges from 1 to 100).

buildops marketing trends conversion optimization google trends

Below are the global conversion optimization platforms usages across 6 million-plus websites. Compare and see whether construction companies differ when it comes to A/B testing and optimization. Here are the top 20 technologies across the top few million websites on the Internet.

buildops marketing trends global conversion optimization trends