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Top Tag Management Platforms for Construction Companies in 2022

Apr. 19, 2022

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BuildOps surveyed the top 1000 construction companies in the United States to discover which tag management platforms fuel their success. Our team identified hundreds of platforms and tools leveraged by some of the most successful construction companies.

This report also compares the findings with global marketing technology adoption trends across 6 million websites. This demonstrates how and why top construction companies differ from the rest of the construction industry when it comes to advertising and marketing technology adoption.

What We Discovered

65% of construction companies leverage a tag management tool. Why? This allows the improved management of marketing and advertising platforms that are deployed on websites and other web properties. This is important because it shows the long-term strategy when it comes to leveraging marketing technology. Google Tag Manager is the most commonly used tool.

What’s the usage of tag management platforms among the top 1000 construction companies? How do the companies deploy various technologies on their websites? Our team discovered the active usage of 4 different technologies among the top construction companies. The average usage is around 67% (the majority of top construction companies have an organized and structured approach in how they deploy various tools and technologies on their website and in what order).

Top Findings

  • The undisputed leader is Google Tag Manager with an over 64.6% adoption rate.
  • Over 25 technologies are being leveraged globally across 6 million-plus websites in this category.

buildops marketing trends tag management usage

Compared to Global Data

Below are the global tag management platforms usage across 6 million-plus websites. In 99.7% of the cases – we see companies and websites picking Google Tag Manager. Here are the top 10 technologies noticeable across the top few million websites on the Internet.

buildops marketing trends tag management usage global

Comments and Other Findings

  • Both top construction companies and hundreds of thousands of websites choose Google Tag Manager.