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When Google Analytics Is Not Enough… try HotJar

Oct. 17, 2022

hotjar heatmap for hvac business website

Google Analytics is goldmine of information, but did you know that the top 1000 construction companies in the U.S. use 2-3 analytics platforms on their website?

Behavior tracking platforms like HotJar are the second most implemented types of tools after Google Analytics. These powerful tools simplify the way you visualize your website visitors’ behavior on the website via heatmaps, scroll maps, and click maps. The data you collect on how your website visitors are interacting with your website allows you to optimize your website for high click rates, lower bounce rates, and more pages per session. Best of all, you don’t need to code or be an analytics expert. The tools simply break down what your customers or prospects do on your website, pointing out any gaps or missed opportunities that may result in additional traffic and revenue.



Take a look at the built in functionality of HotJar’s heat mapping. Instantly see and analyze where your visitors are navigating, paying special attention to your main call-to-action buttons and how far they scroll on your website. Even better, you can also record a random sample of your website traffic for playback to verify how your visitors are actually exploring your website.

visual web analytics for your HVAC business

hvac advertising website analytics

Session recordings (also known as visitor recordings or session replays) are visual renderings of user browsing sessions, and they help you bring more clarity to some of the insights you pick up from a heat map. Instead of making assumptions about the path or logic of clicking, tapping, and/or scrolling you see on a heatmap, session replays give you the ability to see how your users actually interact with your site providing important contextual information.

user analytics for hvac website