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Tyson for the Trades

Helping people kickstart their career in the trades.

What is Tyson for the Trades?

Tyson for the Trades is a program launched by Mike Tyson and BuildOps to connect people with our network of schools that offer 4-year accredited apprenticeship programs.

Each program is accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research, along with the United States Department of Labor.

Apprenticeship programs offer a fast-track to a high-paying secure job in the trades.

“In our mission to serve the unsung heroes of the trades, we have partnered with boxing legend Mike Tyson to connect young people with the training and opportunities they need to succeed with a career in the trades.

We aim to ensure that the critical trades industry continues to thrive to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.” — Alok Chanani, BuildOps CEO


Take the first step toward your future in the trades.

Learn more about Tyson for the Trades including what it means to enroll in a 4-year accredited program.

Mike Tyson and BuildOps Announce Tyson for the Trades

“The first step toward building the life you want is believing you can.” — Mike Tyson