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CB-1750 MP

Nov. 2, 2022


CB-1750 MP clean burn is a type of furnace that uses clean burning technology. This means that the furnace burns fuel more efficiently and with less pollution. The CB-1750 MP clean burn furnace is also equipped with a self-cleaning feature, which helps to keep the furnace clean and operating at peak efficiency.

What are the technical characteristics of CB-1750 MP?

The CB-1750 MP has a maximum output of 17.5 million BTUs per hour and a thermal efficiency of 85%. The furnace is also designed to operate at low emissions levels, meeting or exceeding EPA standards.


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What are the benefits of using a CB-1750 MP clean burn furnace?

There are many benefits to using a CB-1750 MP clean burn furnace. Some of these benefits include: improved fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and self-cleaning capability. Additionally, the CB-1750 MP is a safe and reliable option for heating your home.