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CB-3500 waste oil furnance

Oct. 31, 2022


If you are asking if the CB-3500 can clear burnt oil, the answer is yes. This machine is specifically designed to clear away any built-up oil and residue that can cause problems with your engine’s performance. Built-up oil and residue can cause your engine to run less efficiently, which can result in increased fuel consumption and decreased power output. The CB-3500’s powerful cleansing action will remove these deposits quickly and easily, leaving your engine clean and running at peak efficiency.


CB-3500 advantages:

– Cleans burnt oil and residue quickly and easily

– Restores engine efficiency

– Decreases fuel consumption

– Increases power output


What are the technical characteristics and features of CB-3500 waste oil furnace?

– Combustion temperature: up to 1050°C

– Efficiency: 92%

– Capacity: 3500L

– Dimensions (mm): 1150 x 750 x 1800 (HxWxD)

– Weight: 300kg

– Power: 18kW

The CB-3500 waste oil furnace is the perfect solution for clearing away built-up oil and residue that can cause engine performance problems. With its powerful cleansing action, the CB-3500 will quickly and easily remove these deposits, restoring your engine’s efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption.

What are the costs and life expectancy of a CB-3500 waste oil furnace?

The CB-3500 waste oil furnace is a highly efficient and durable piece of equipment that will provide many years of trouble-free service. The initial cost of the unit is approximately $3,500, making it a very affordable option for those in need of an effective waste oil removal system.

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How does the CB-3500 waste oil furnace work?

The CB-3500 waste oil furnace operates by drawing in waste oil through a suction hose and then burning it at a high temperature. The resulting combustion gases are passed through a series of filters before being released into the atmosphere. This process effectively cleanses the oil of any built-up deposits or residue, restoring your engine’s efficiency.