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HVAC Journeyman Salary

Feb. 27, 2023


The typical salary of an HVAC Journeyman in the United States ranges from $37,000 to $60,000 annually. This number can vary depending on the experience and certifications of the individual. Factors such as geographical location, job market, and employer can also influence salaries. Location plays an important role in determining the salary of an HVAC Journeyman. According to a survey by PayScale, HVAC Journeymen in New York earned a median salary of $56,000 per year, whereas those in Texas earned a median salary of $44,000 per year.



The job market can also affect an HVAC Journeyman’s salary. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that the number of HVAC Journeyman jobs has increased by 1.3% since 2018, indicating a strong job market. The type of employer can also affect the salary of an HVAC Journeyman. For example, a Journeyman who works for a large company with a large budget may receive a higher salary than one who works for a smaller company with a smaller budget. In addition, certifications and experience can also affect an HVAC Journeyman’s salary. Those with more experience and certifications typically earn higher salaries.



What is the average hourly wage for an HVAC Journeyman?


The average hourly wage for an HVAC Journeyman is typically between $20 and $25, depending on geographical location, demand, and experience. This hourly rate can vary significantly depending on the type of job, the level of expertise, and the amount of work involved. In addition, some employers may pay a premium for extra hours, night or weekend work, or for specific qualifications or certifications. HVAC Journeymen typically receive wages above the minimum wage rate, and may be eligible for additional benefits such as health insurance or a retirement plan. The hourly rate of pay may also be increased as the Journeyman gains more experience, training, and certifications. In some cases, an HVAC Journeyman may be offered a salary instead of an hourly rate, which can be higher than the hourly rate.


The amount of experience an HVAC Journeyman has will often determine their rate of pay. Those with longer service records and more advanced skills can expect to earn a higher rate. Additionally, the type of job an HVAC Journeyman is performing can impact the rate of pay. For example, more complex or technical tasks may pay more than simpler tasks. Finally, the geographical location of the job is a major factor in determining the hourly wage for an HVAC Journeyman. In some regions, the cost of living is higher, meaning that wages may also be higher. In more remote areas, the cost of living is typically lower, meaning wages may be lower as well. The type of market also has an impact. For instance, in areas with higher demand for HVAC services, Journeymen can expect to earn a higher rate.


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What type of benefits can an HVAC Journeyman expect?


HVAC Journeymen can expect to receive a variety of benefits depending on the job and the employer. Common benefits include health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and a retirement plan. In some cases, employers may also provide special bonuses or rewards for completing a job quickly or efficiently. In addition to traditional benefits, HVAC Journeymen may also receive tuition reimbursement for taking courses related to their field. This can help them stay up-to-date on the latest HVAC technology. In some cases, employers may also provide certification testing and pay for the cost of certification exams.


Finally, some employers may offer additional benefits such as gym memberships, employee discounts, or transportation subsidies. These benefits can help make life easier for HVAC Journeymen and make them more likely to stay at their current job. Overall, the type of benefits an HVAC Journeyman can expect to receive depends on the job and the employer. However, many employers provide a variety of benefits to help make life easier and to make sure their employees are happy and productive.



Are there any additional incentives such as bonuses or overtime pay for an HVAC Journeyman?


Yes, an HVAC Journeyman may be eligible for additional incentives such as bonuses or overtime pay. Bonuses are typically offered for completing a job quickly or efficiently and can help increase overall earnings. In some cases, employers may offer additional compensation for working nights or weekends. Overtime pay is also common for HVAC Journeymen and can provide a significant boost in earnings. In addition to these traditional forms of bonuses and overtime pay, some employers may offer other incentives to their employees. This could include additional vacation time, special discounts on products or services, gift cards, or even free training opportunities. It is important to talk with your employer about any potential incentives that may be available so you can take advantage of them and maximize your earning potential.



What is the job outlook for HVAC Journeymen?


The job outlook for HVAC Journeymen is very positive. The demand for qualified HVAC professionals is expected to grow over the next decade as more homeowners and businesses upgrade their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Additionally, with new technologies emerging in the industry, there will be a need for more trained HVAC technicians to install, maintain, and repair these systems. As a result, employment of HVAC Journeymen is projected to grow by 8% through 2029. This growth rate is faster than the national average for all other occupations. Furthermore, those who are certified or have additional training may enjoy better job prospects due to their advanced skills and experience. Ultimately though, as long as people need reliable heating and cooling systems, HVAC Journeymen will remain in high demand.



Are there any additional certifications or training that can potentially increase an HVAC Journeyman’s salary?


Yes, additional certifications or training can potentially increase an HVAC Journeyman’s salary. The more experience and knowledge a Journeyman has, the higher their rate of pay may be. For example, many employers offer certification testing and will provide reimbursement for the cost of the examination. This can help to demonstrate that a technician is knowledgeable in their field and can result in increased earnings.


In addition to this, taking courses related to HVAC systems can give technicians additional skills and knowledge that could lead to higher salaries. Employers may also provide special bonuses or rewards for completing a job quickly or efficiently, which can also add to an HVAC Journeyman’s total earnings. Lastly, with higher demand for HVAC technicians, those who have additional certifications or training may be more likely to find jobs and can potentially negotiate higher salaries. Ultimately, the more experience and knowledge an HVAC Journeyman has, the greater their earning potential could be.



How does the job market for HVAC Journeymen vary from region to region?


The job market for HVAC Journeymen can vary from region to region based on the population density and climate. Generally, areas with larger populations will have a higher demand for technicians due to the increased need for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Additionally, in warmer regions or those subject to extreme temperatures, there will likely be an even greater need for HVAC professionals due to the strain that these conditions put on heating and cooling systems.


In colder regions or those with milder climates, the demand may be slightly lower but still present. In addition, some employers offer relocation packages which could open up new opportunities in other parts of the country. Ultimately, while there is variation between regions when it comes to job prospects for HVAC Journeymen, the industry is still growing and there are plenty of opportunities available across the United States.



What type of career advancement opportunities is available for HVAC Journeymen?


HVAC Journeymen can enjoy a variety of career advancement opportunities. Many employers offer promotion paths within the company and may pay higher wages or offer bonuses for those who take on additional roles. In addition to this, there is also potential to move into management positions such as project managers, supervisors, or department heads. This could involve overseeing projects and ensuring they are completed efficiently and safely while upholding industry standards. Additionally, technicians with further training or certifications may be able to transition into jobs in the research and development field or start their own businesses. Ultimately, HVAC Journeymen have plenty of options when it comes to taking the next step in their career.



Are there any additional benefits that come with being an HVAC Journeyman?


Yes, there are many additional benefits that come with being an HVAC Journeyman. Many employers offer paid vacation days or holidays and some may provide health insurance or retirement plans as well. Additionally, technicians who work in hazardous conditions may receive hazard pay which can add to their salary over time. As a trade profession, HVAC professionals may also be eligible for educational assistance programs or scholarships at schools related to the field they are working in. Finally, having a career as an HVAC Journeyman can bring job satisfaction and pride knowing that you are making a difference by helping keep people comfortable in their homes or workplaces. All of these benefits can make pursuing a career as an HVAC Journeyman even more rewarding.