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BuildOps Joins ELECTRI: Working Together To Find Solutions

Jul. 28, 2020

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Earlier this month, BuildOps officially joined the ELECTRI Council in an effort to further our commitment to supporting electrical contractors.

If you’re unfamiliar with ELECTRI, it was founded in 1989 by the National Electrical Contractors Association, commonly known as NECA. ELECTRI is a direct response to the challenges and demands facing electrical contractors today and in the future. Their goal is to fund, conduct, coordinate, and transform research results into meaningful programs, educational resources, and practical publications.

Given the impact that ELECTRI has on the $160 billion electrical construction industry and its focus on supporting young talent, it was important for our team to put our money where our mouth is in backing this effort.

So where does BuildOps fit into all this?

Well, at BuildOps, we’re hard at work to make the hard work electrical contractors do…not quite so hard. While it’s old news that the skilled trades have been historically underserved by technology, somehow the electrical industry has had it particularly rough.

That said, we didn’t jump headfirst into building a technology platform, but rather we first mapped out exactly what work looks like for the folks in this field. From there, we built a commercial service software platform that directly addresses the inefficiencies and complications typically found in their day-to-day. We filled the gaps that other field service platforms were leaving wide open.

Like what?

In the BuildOps platform, you’ll find smart dispatching like you’ve never seen it before (simple and effective!), custom forms you can seamlessly attach to jobs, gated workflows to enforce consistency, and tons more. Plus, here’s the real kicker — BuildOps is all these things, all under one roof, and held in the cloud.

Founded in 2018 by CEO Alok Chanani and COO Steve Chew, we’re proud of how far we’ve come. When speaking to our recent commitment to ELECTRI, Alok said it best:

“We see ELECTRI and NECA working together and thinking ahead. The issues ELECTRI is addressing include finding ways to help make changes so that EC contractors and service providers are the best in class. Technology is the biggest game-changer facing the EC industry at every level. We want to be part of the dynamic with ELECTRI, working toward and embracing technology with the best talent available.”

Need more info?

If you’d like to learn more about our solution or get involved with NECA and ELECTRI, fill out our form here, and we’ll get in touch right away.

For the original press release published by ELECTRI International on 7 July 2020, click here.