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Connect Your Field Technicians and Office for Faster Cash Flow

Mar. 29, 2022

hvac commercial contractor maintenance

For commercial contractors, cash flow is the difference between growing your business or going out of business. Without a positive cash flow, you can’t pay bills or pay your employees with revenue that hasn’t been invoiced or collected yet.

Creating and maintaining your cash flow is critical to business health. Commercial HVAC and plumbing are large-scale equipment- and materials-heavy businesses. Steady revenue can be challenging with seasonality concerns and long-term projects that last for weeks or even months.

You can use several strategies for reliable cash flow, including customer service maintenance agreements. Only adding more jobs isn’t the single solution, however. Businesses need to optimize operations allowing techs in the field to communicate with the office in real-time, not when they get back to the office.

An all-in-one commercial contractor software platform that supports field service scheduling and management is one of the best tools for managing revenue and cash flow.

Modern commercial contractors should choose a cloud-based solution that is accessible on the web and a mobile application on Android and iOS. This commercial service software should improve operations and streamline every employee’s workflow.

The BuildOps cloud-based platform supports commercial contractors where they need help the most – operations. It streamlines the payment process, speeds up invoicing and payments, and increases transparency between your business and customers while ensuring accuracy.

Field technicians are connected through a mobile field service management app and synced with the office in real-time. Completed work orders convert automatically to an invoice and are sent to a customer with a single click, and BuildOps accounting integrations streamline financial workflows even more.

The automated invoicing and payment workflows provide your customers with options too. Techs can generate invoices, read debit and credit cards, deposit a check with a photo, and transmit the finalized invoice to the office.

BuildOps Invoicing Features

  • A built-in price book allows contractors to automate and streamline invoicing with pricing and mark-up rate presets
  • Integrated mobile card reader for digital payments on-site
  • Deposit checks with a photo
  • Integrations with preferred accounting systems
  • Easily accessible job data: time spent on the job, used tools and materials, work status changes, and visual documentation

Invoicing is critical for contractors. For years, late or missing payments, inaccurate pricing, and unorganized record-keeping created stress and headaches.

BuildOps streamlines the entire process to empower your team to complete more jobs, maintain a consistent cash flow, and increase efficiency while boosting a positive customer experience.