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Leverage the Full Value of Field Service Data with Deep Reporting Insights

Jan. 5, 2022

The amount of information related to commercial field service can be overwhelming.

That’s what’s behind the boom in field service technology that is currently transforming the industry. Dozens of software providers now offer platforms for streamlined digital management of the constant flow of data generated by jobs in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing sectors — everything from dispatch, scheduling and tech support to marketing, quoting and payments.

But is it enough to simply manage that stream of information?

It’s one thing to streamline workflows so field techs operate more efficiently. That’s what the vast majority of field service management software providers promise. Connecting techs in the field with the office and providing accessible support resources can help reduce errors, protect revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

A truly state-of-the-art field service solution, however, does much more than simply collect and organize data. With powerful custom reporting functions, the data points from any job can be turned into actionable insights that help you and your team deliver premier performance that separates you from the competition.

With BuildOps, the possible reporting options are almost limitless. Since every single field in the platform can be configured as a report, contractors have unrivaled ability to track and analyze data based on category, job, location, tech and customer, among multiple other options. Real-time insights not only improve workflows but help you identify what’s working and fix what isn’t.

Our deep custom reporting capabilities include unique features designed specifically for modern commercial contractors. In addition to fundamental operations information like leads and ticket values, users can curate the specific data that helps them work strategically and effectively, including:

  • Projected profit and profit to date.
  • Margins, over-billings, and under-billings.
  • Asset management.
  • Close rates.
  • Customer profitability.
  • Technician performance.

Don’t just collect information. Leverage the data from your jobs with BuildOps’ cloud-based field service platform for immediate, accessible, transparent insights that continually help you improve service delivery and customer experience. Contact us today to schedule a demo.