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Field Service Report App

May. 19, 2022


What’s a Field Service Report App?


A field service report app, field service app, or technician mobile app is an Android or iOS application that connects field technicians to the operations platform. Field techs can track their time at a job, view tasks, log work, upload job site photos, and videos, and collect signatures after job completion all through the app. This removes the need for paperwork for technicians and increases job visibility from the office.

The app also provides technicians with GPS guidance to their next job site and can even provide turn-by-turn navigation. All of this helps reduce the need for dispatcher support and speeds up time to resolution. In addition, many field service apps offer language support so that technicians can use the app in their native tongue.

Field service apps are becoming increasingly popular as companies move to mobile-first operations. The benefits of using a field service app are numerous and can help increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs.




Key features of the Field Service Report App are:


– GPS navigation to job site

– Turn-by-turn navigation

– Language support

– Time tracking

– Task management

– Logging work

– Uploading photos and videos

– Collecting signatures


What are the top benefits of a Field Service Report App?


– Increased productivity

– Improved customer satisfaction

– Reduced operational costs

– Increased visibility into job status

– Faster time to resolution

– Reduced need for dispatcher support


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How to choose the right Field Service Report App for your business?


There are a few things to consider when choosing a field service app for your business:

– Does the app offer GPS navigation and turn-by-turn directions?

– Is the app available in multiple languages?

– Does the app offer time tracking and task management features?

– Can workers log work, upload photos and videos, and collect signatures?

– Is the app compatible with your existing field service management software?