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BuildOps Platform Video Transcript

Being a commercial contractor isn’t easy. You’re constantly keeping up with which techs are available, where they need to be next, if their work is being done right, and how to get paid faster.

Technology was supposed to answer these questions and make life easier, right?

But now, your scheduling is over here, creating proposals is done there. Invoicing and payments are in that other software.

And you end up with 20 different things in 20 different places. Even worse, it seems like figuring out how to make it all work takes an extra 80 hours a week, on top of the countless hours you already put in.

BuildOps understands how disconnected things have become, which is why they’ve taken every part of commercial contractors’ operations and consolidated them into one place, giving you a centralized, easy-to-use, unbelievably powerful platform to help optimize and grow operations.

You can schedule and dispatch, standardize workflows, create proposals, and invoice all in one location. BuildOps equips you with the tools to compete in the new convenience-driven marketplace where customers demand more from their contractor.

Build gated workflows to ensure techs complete Steps A and B before moving on to Step C. Create and track proposals, so potential sales never fall through the cracks, and automate the management of maintenance contracts and recurring visits.

With the dashboard’s real-time reporting, you’re able to drill down on your most critical business metrics to identify trends and drive revenue growth anytime, anywhere, from any device.

No more scheduling here, building proposals over there, or wondering how you’ll handle it all. And with tons of training and support at your fingertips, BuildOps is the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.

Transform your operations into a well-oiled machine with BuildOps, an all-in-one software for commercial contractors.