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Unlock Total Fleet Control with Fleet+

Monitor real-time GPS locations, manage timesheets effectively, and ensure proactive maintenance — all within the BuildOps platform.

Real-Time Dispatch for Ultimate Efficiency

Visualize Real-Time Locations: Track technician locations live on the Dispatch Board.

Skill and Proximity-Based Assignments: Assign jobs efficiently using real-time GPS data to match technician skills and job proximity.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Deliver accurate ETAs to customers, improving service reliability and satisfaction.

Accurate, Hassle-Free Timesheets

GPS-Enabled Time Tracking: Send automated prompts to technicians for clocking in/out based on GPS data, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.

Skill and Proximity-Based Assignments: Simplify the management of timesheets and labor costs, enhancing transparency across operations.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Minimize discrepancies in payroll through precise time tracking, significantly reducing errors.

Enhanced Fleet Safety

Supportive Driver Monitoring: Monitor driving patterns like hard braking to offer constructive feedback and encourage safer driving habits.

Unauthorized Use Prevention: Prevent unauthorized vehicle usage with real-time GPS telematics, ensuring vehicles are only used for official purposes.

Safety Incentives Program: Run weekly driver competitions with cash rewards to encourage good driving behaviors, reducing accidents and saving costs.

Combining Powers for Enhanced Fleet Efficiency

We’ve integrated with Coast and Azuga for Unmatched Fleet Management

GPS Tracking and Fraud Protection:
Leverage advanced GPS to protect against fuel fraud and unauthorized purchases, with significant coverage for financial losses.

Lifecycle Extension:
Extend fleet life and mitigate the risk of unplanned outages with timely maintenance interventions.

System Integration Made Simple:
Combine vehicle data and financial transactions across platforms for streamlined management and more accurate reporting.

Smart Financial Management:
Utilize Coast’s smart fleet cards to access attractive fuel rebates, enforce spending controls, and handle transactions efficiently.

Operational Efficiency and Transparency:
Increase operational visibility with integrated real-time tracking and analytics from Azuga and Coast, optimizing fuel management and expenditure.

Cost Management:
Minimize maintenance expenses through proactive service reminders and predictive maintenance insights.

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